Zone Read: Bijan Robinson’s Path to the Draft – Part II

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“Zone Read” had the unique opportunity to sit down with former Tucson Salpointe High star, University of Texas All-American running back, and soon-to-be first-round draft pick, Bijan Robinson, for an in-depth discussion on a myriad of different topics.

If you missed last week’s, you can read it here.

Below is the second installment of “Bijan’s Robinson Path to the Draft.”

You announced you were turning pro in December and opted out of the Alamo Bowl. Take us through your training schedule leading into the NFL Combine next week? “I’ve been training for about seven weeks now. Just trying to get my body right for the the Combine and some things I have coming up after the Combine and then flying out to meet with different teams.

I’ve been focused, man. Doing interview preps. I’ve been testing. Just doing everything really to get myself ready for the Combine. I’ve just tried to eliminate all the distractions and do great at that.”

What are you most looking forward to once you get to Indianapolis and have the opportunity to showcase your skills, and knowledge, in front of all of those NFL teams? “They hear about your through outside sources, through coaches, through media. But I’m just really excited to get to talk to them myself and really get to know all the coaches and general managers, everybody in that room. I’m really excited for them just to see me as a person, and just the love I have for the game.

On the field, just pretty much blow out the expectations that people have for me and just really put my head down and just go to work. But really, just build the relationships and I’m just excited to talk to all the teams that are going to be there the four or five days that I’m there.”

You have a close family circle with your mom and your grandparents. What type of advice did they give you when you decided for forego the remainder of college and enter the draft? “They just said prayer is the most important thing and you just have to keep praying about it. Keep making sure that God is telling you the right thing in order to make that decision. That’s really what made my decision, just a lot of prayer. I just kept listening to them and they’d say, ‘Whatever God’s plan is for you, that’s going to work out.’ So that’s what they’ve been telling me and that’s what I’ve been doing. I think out of all that, and all the prayers, and trust in God, I made the right decision to go to the NFL, for sure.”

Obviously, the NFL is a big business but I’d imagine you being able to experience some of that at Texas with your NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) endorsements was a nice introduction to the professional side off the field. Do you think you now have a greater grasp of that as you enter this next chapter? “It definitely prepares you. I’ve learned so much when it comes to business, when it comes to managing your money, when it comes to making relationships on that side of the spectrum. Just having a better understanding of how to do things for your financial well-being in the future. For me, I’ve had so many opportunities in NIL, and the cool thing is, the mustard (Bijan Robinson’s Bijan Mustardson) is a real business. So now I get to manage a real business with a couple of other guys who are partners in it. But those are the kinds of things five or six years ago you don’t know until you get into that next level (the NFL), but I got to learn it the past few years.

I think I’m ready to go whenever any opportunities come or whenever I start to look for new ventures. Man, that was a huge blessing for me to have NIL when I did because now I’m really ready for any challenges that come ahead when it comes to the NFL.”

Is there one specific aspect or experience with your mustard that stood out from everything you consumed from that process? “Yes, I really think just the trend that it’s taken off on. I see so many people that have the mustard, and they take videos of their family and they’re just like in awe that they have it. It’s a really big deal that they got it. For me, it’s really cool. Just to see the happiness that it brings people, more so than just having a bottle of mustard and the fact that it’s there with them. That, for me, has been the best take away of having it. Even just how it sells here (in Austin) and how it sells out. Every time it gets put back on the shelf, it’s gone. Just to see that, and how happy it makes people, that’s my biggest take away from it, for sure.”

Speaking of NIL deals, what’s it like to drive a Lamborghini? “[laughing] Oh, man. It’s pretty cool but a lot of people ask me, ‘So, how is it driving that Lamborghini?’ For me, it’s obviously a really nice car, but it’s just another car to me. It really is. It’s here [in Austin]. I still have it.”

So, do you still drive it? Is that your main car? “Yes, I still drive it, but I have a deal with Ford, as well so I drive the truck more throughout the week. I probably drive the Lamborghini like once or twice a week because it brings a lot of attention. Most of the city knows…when they see that car, it’s probably going to be me [laughing].”