Suns-Themed Classroom Is Too Cool For School

Irene Avila is a 6th-grade teacher at Eloy Junior High school who shares her love for the Phoenix Suns with the whole school. For the last seven years, Avila has been building up her classrooms decor to the point of resembling a Phoenix Suns memorabilia museum. 

“I think just this year it’s actually being noticed,” Avila said. “I had a lot of memorabilia at home so I thought, hey, I might as well decorate my classroom Phoenix Suns.”

Over the years she’s collected hundreds of Suns-themed items. The collection includes everything from bobbleheads and jerseys to basket-shaped trash cans and a “selfie” collection. Avila created a collage of selfies she’s taken with former and current Suns players, Mr. Orange made the cut too. 

“I mean I have everybody from Steve Nash, Devin Booker, you know to all the way back I would say to 10 years or so,” Avila said. 

Avila is known around her school as a die-hard Phoenix Suns fan. Teachers, students, and the principal know that she’s on top of the world after a Suns’ win and a little down after a loss. However, her love for the Suns is just a bonus for her students as she’s been recognized as an excellent teacher by the Phoenix Suns themselves. 

“I got teacher of the month one year through the Suns and I got to go on the court with one of my students and I actually got to meet [Steve Nash],” Avila said.

Avila expects her collection to keep growing over the coming years and doesn’t think her classroom decorations will change to another theme any time soon.