Desert Vista’s Noah Perez Kicks Recruiting Process Into High Gear

Desert Vista kicker Noah Perez is underestimated because of his size, but his ability speaks for itself. The rising senior has high expectations for himself as his recruiting process continues. 

“I think I stack up against the top 25 in the nation,” Perez said. “Obviously the goal is Power Five, Division I college football.” 

Noah’s size doesn’t keep him from making big kicks. 

“Everyone automatically looks for those bigger stronger guys and it’s fun to go out there and prove them wrong,” said Perez. 

Like many of the greatest kickers, Perez played soccer from the age of seven until he got to high school. As a freshman, he was inspired to play football by a former Desert Vista kicker. 

“Seeing the success he had is pretty motivating and knowing a few old coaches that came through Desert Vista is what really inspired me to become a kicker,” Perez said. 

While Perez’s recruiting process has been kicked into high gear as he showcases his talent on his Twitter, his true focus is on the success of the Thunder. 

“Obviously a perfect season is what we want, right?” Perez laughed. “I’m expecting a lot of great things.”