Kyler Murray: “Yeah, I’ll Be Kneeling”

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AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Eloquent and mature, in many ways, well beyond his youth – Kyler Murray wants to use his platform, as well as his connection to the younger generation, to help end racism not only in America but throughout the world.

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback, who has quickly ascended to one of the best young players in the National Football League, addressed the topic a myriad of times during a lengthy Zoom video conference call with the media Wednesday afternoon.

“I hope so, first of all,” the 22 year-old 2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year explained. “My generation, we’re so diverse in so many ways. 40 years ago my parents grew up in segregated times and now, it’s coming together. I feel like it’s tough but I do feel like we’ll see change.”

“It’s not enough to not be racist,” he continued. “I feel like we have to hold people accountable. I feel like we’re getting there.”

Later he was asked if he’ll kneel for the national anthem as many players have promised to do this fall as civil unrest boiled over following the unthinkable killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis late last month.

“Yeah, I’ll be kneeling,” Murray said without hesitation. “I stand for what’s right…I’ll definitely be taking a knee.” 

Murray believes we, as a society, are making strides when it comes to total equality and ending the hatred and racism we’ve seen with social injustice.

“I don’t condone rioting and stuff like that,” he said from his parent’s home in central Texas. “But the peaceful protests – I think they’re great. They’re amazing. I think that’s just the start of it…whether it takes years, I feel like we’re getting there. At least we’re making a step towards it.”

As far as his football off-season, Murray said he has been working out four times a week with his dad and some receivers in the Dallas area. Most of his training has consisted of lifting and running. He said he has backed off throwing to help preserve his arm going into training camp later this summer.

“I live, breathe and eat football,” he said with a smile. “The ultimate goal is to win a Super Bowl and bring a Super Bowl back to Arizona.” 

He’s also been busy with his new puppy, Swoosh.