Sports360AZ All-Academic Boys Soccer Team (1A-4A)

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For eight years, Sport360AZ has been committed to acknowledging the best and brightest student athletes in Arizona. We are excited to introduce the Sports360AZ All-Academic Winter Sports Teams brought to you by Venezia’s Pizzeria and IBEW Local 640 to recognize excellence of student-athletes not only on the field but in the classroom as well.

We were overwhelmed by the response from players, coaches, athletic directors and parents and their nominations. This is the largest Sports360AZ All-Academic Winter Team in this recognition’s history. Submissions surpassed last year’s total by over 500 nominations. Thank you for recognizing these incredible student-athletes!

A few notes on how the team was compiled: 

Sports360AZ reached out to every athletic director in the state, as well as every varsity head coach for the above sports requesting nominations based on performance in the classroom. We also opened up nominations to parents and players as well. This is the only way to be named to the all-academic team. Thank you to the high school community for recognizing these student-athletes!

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Thank you so much for your nominations, and be sure to use #Sports360AZScholars when sharing these teams on social media.

First Team

Andrew LoganVeritas Prep
4.88 weighted GPA
Rocco BerbettiNorth Phoenix Prep
4.8 weighted GPA
Peter SchillingerVeritas Prep
4.79 weighted GPA
Marcus CatheyEstrella Foothills
4.78 weighted GPA
Louis AndersonNorth Phoenix Prep
4.75 weighted GPA
Jonathan RenouardTrivium Prep
4.74 weighted GPA
Jose CalzadillaChandler Prep
4.74 weighted GPA
Jake HathawayChandler Prep
4.72 weighted GPA
Maxwell LovintonFlorence
4.72 weighted GPA
Ben RicheyChandler Prep
4.71 weighted GPA
Reese VilaboyChandler Prep
4.68 weighted GPA
Henry HaslamGilbert Classical
4.65 weighted GPA
Andrei SheydayiChandler Prep
4.61 weighted GPA
William SchneiderVeritas Prep
4.61 Weighted GPA
Jacob HaneyGilbert Classical
4.6 weighted GPA
Cole PetersonEstrella Foothills
4.58 weighted GPA
Brenic BeggsEstrella Foothills
4.57 weighted GPA
Ethan SwongerVeritas Prep
4.53 weighted GPA
Nick LoganVeritas Prep
4.53 weighted GPA
Jacob CarrellWalden Grove
4.53 weighted GPA
Landon BriggsVeritas Prep
4.50 weighted GPA
Colton HackenyosChandler Prep
4.5 weighted GPA
Ethan JohnsonGilbert Classical
4.5 weighted GPA
Kirolos AbdelmalekGilbert Classical
4.48 weighted GPA
Charlie ZehtabEstrella Foothills
4.48 weighted GPA
Ben PowerVeritas Prep
4.47 weighted GPA
Joseph DaoustGilbert Classical
4.46 weighted GPA
Jason AlmanzaWashington4.44 weighted GPA
Ali ElSolamyGilbert Classical
4.4 weighted GPA
Hunter DaneshkhahGilbert Classical4.4 weighted GPA
Lucas PhilipsGilbert Classical
4.4 weighted GPA
Noah DeCaroSeton Catholic
4.4 weighted GPA
Grant GibsonNorthwest Christian
4.38 weighted GPA
Isaiah FloresOdyssey Institute
4.37 weighted GPA
John Henry ClashmanThe Gregory School
4.36 weighted GPA
David CodyGilbert Classical
4.35 weighted GPA
Jack YoungVeritas Prep
4.35 weighted GPA
Tyler KelseyChandler Prep
4.33 weighted GPA
Benjamin JacksonGilbert Classical
4.3 weighted GPA
Brady WertelArete Prep
4.3 weighted GPA
Ian RideoutSeton Catholic
4.3 weighted GPA
Nav SinghEstrella Foothills
4.3 weighted GPA
Kyle IrishVeritas Prep
4.27 weighted GPA
Efrain CanizalesChandler Prep
4.26 weighted GPA
Krystian GaryGilbert Classical4.22 weighted GPA
Angel LopezFlorence
4.21 weighted GPA
Cole RayArete Prep
4.2 weighted GPA
Steven YamamotoGilbert Classical
4.2 weighted GPA
Maurice LewisSabino
4.2 weighted GPA
Dominic ConsentinoSeton Catholic
4.2 weighted GPA
Brandon FagioloVeritas Prep
4.18 Weighted GPA
Fillipa LapianaVeritas Prep
4.18 weighted GPA
Marshall BriggsVeritas Prep
4.17 weighted GPA
Eduardo ChavezChandler Prep
4.13 weighted GPA
Eli VoorhiesFlagstaff
4.13 weighted GPA
Nathan MatthewsVista Grande
4.1 weighted GPA
RJ RuedaEstrella Foothills
4.1 weighted GPA
William Hamada-CanezSeton Catholic
4.1 weighted GPA
Luke GauharouNorthwest Christian
4.07 weighted GPA
Evan PunchesRancho Solano
4.07 weighted GPA
Nathan McMahonOdyssey Institute
4.06 weighted GPA
Alper OzturkGilbert Classical
4.05 weighted GPA
Brody RichterVeritas Prep
4.03 weighted GPA
Hayden GibsonPayson
4.0 weighted GPA
Charan KancherlaVeritas Prep
4.0 Weighted GPA
Christain MoellerArete Prep
4.0 weighted GPA
Lael GarciaGilbert Classical
4.0 weighted GPA
Caleb SimsEstrella Foothills
4.0 weighted GPA
Liam O’NeilNorthwest Christian
4.0 unweighted GPA
Genaro GarciaPoston Butte
4.0 unweighted GPA
Ryan NimsgerSeton Catholic
4.0 unweighted GPA


Honorable Mention

Adam Barakat – Gilbert Classical – 3.74 weighted GPA
Adam Garcia – Payson – 3.64 weighted GPA
Alejandro Arroyo – Gila Ridge – 3.5 weighted GPA
Alex Lara – Gilbert Classical – 3.9 weighted GPA
Andrei Bank – Trivium Prep – 3.93 weighted GPA
Andrew Camacho – Rancho Solano – 3.96 unweighted GPA
Aryeman Singh – Rancho Solano – 3.96 unweighted GPA
Benett Olsen-Zwick – Flagstaff – 3.81 weighted GPA
Blake Austerlade – Rancho Solano – 3.88 weighted GPA
Caden Murphy – Northwest Christian – 3.85 unweighted GPA
Carter Twist – Veritas Prep – 3.50 weighted GPA
Cesar Morquecho – Washington – 3.44 unweighted GPA
Chris Guzman – Sahuarita  – 3.77 weighted GPA
Christopher Walter – Florence – 3.9 weighted GPA
Connor Caslin – Flagstaff – 3.53 weighted GPA
Connor Gurley – Rancho Solano – 3.68 weighted GPA
Cory Poulos – Northwest Christian – 3.78 unweighted GPA
Dalton Harold – Payson – 3.66 weighted GPA
Daniel Lara – Northwest Christian – 3.7 unweighted GPA
Daniel Valencia – Washington – 3.33 unweighted GPA
David Moore – North Phoenix Prep – 3.7 weighted GPA
Derek Griffith – Payson – 3.94 weighted GPA
Diego Mota de Alcantra – Seton Catholic – 3.6 unweighted GPA
DJ Rowe – Odyssey Institute – 3.31 unweighted GPA
Dylan Mapston – Odyssey Institute – 3.39 unweighted GPA
Edwin Soto Pacheco – Washington – 3.10 unweighted GPA
Elias Alvarez – Gila Ridge – 3.7 weighted GPA
Fisher Sullivan – Veritas Prep – 3.52 weighted GPA
Gabriel Thurman – Odyssey Institute – 3.50 weighted GPA
Hung Le – Washington – 3.64 weighted GPA
Jack Schwyn – Rancho Solano – 3.83 unweighted GPA
Jacob Garcia – Seton Catholic – 3.2 unweighted GPA
Jacob Steinkamp – Seton Catholic – 3.9 weighted GPA
Jae Cho – Rancho Solano – 3.34 weighted GPA
Jameson Gorman – Seton Catholic – 3.2 unweighted GPA
Jason Nunez – Veritas Prep – 3.91 weighted GPA
Jayden Werst – Poston Butte  – 3.5 unweighted GPA
Johan Leon – Gila Ridge – 3.5 weighted GPA
Jonathan Alvarez – Flagstaff – 3.93 weighted GPA
Jose Najera Carrillo – Washington – 3.56 weighted GPA
Joseph Spadafore – Veritas Prep – 3.74 weighted GPA
Juan Cazares Salazar – Washington – 3.02 unweighted GPA
Justus Williams – The Gregory School – 3.94 weighted GPA
Kason Payne – Rancho Solano – 3.27 unweighted GPA
Kyle Rashford – Gilbert Classical – 3.7 weighted GPA
Larry Griffith – Payson – 3.83 weighted GPA
Liam Conroy – The Gregory School – 3.97 weighted GPA
Luke Hammond – Rancho Solano – 3.98 unweighted GPA
Luke Rogaiski – Northwest Christian – 3.54 unweighted GPA
Martin Luala – Washington – 3.47 unweighted GPA
Michael Gallardo – Flagstaff – 3.74 weighted GPA
Michael Huss – Northwest Christian – 3.95 unweighted GPA
Mike Dominguez – Payson – 3.5 weighted GPA
Msunguchi Alenga – Washington – 3.58 weighted GPA
Nathan Boyer – Seton Catholic – 3.0 unweighted GPA
Nathan Hamlin – Odyssey Institute – 3.50 weighted GPA
Nathan Vanderwerff – Odyssey Institute – 3.13 unweighted GPA
Nicholas Theimer, – Flagstaff – 3.68 weighted GPA
Ryan Frieland – Northwest Christian – 3.67 unweighted GPA
Samuel Johnston – North Phoenix Prep – 3.8 weighted GPA
Samuel Lytle – Flagstaff – 3.91 weighted GPA
Santiago Gamez – Seton Catholic – 3.8 unweighted GPA
Sebastian Ching – Estrella Foothills – 3.86 weighted GPA
Sergio Pacheco – Washington – 3.10 unweighted GPA
Tony Gomez Jr – Valley Christian  – 3.9 weighted GPA
Trevor McKibben – Rancho Solano – 3.93 unweighted GPA
Wilder Cooke – The Gregory School – 3.75 weighted GPA
Wyatt Hammond – Rancho Solano – 3.8 weighted GPA
Zach East – Northwest Christian – 3.83 unweighted GPA