Suns Hoping To Get Past “Point” Of No Return

Another summer has yielded more turnover within and around the Phoenix Suns

Igor Kokoskov and long-time trainer Aaron Nelson have departed. Monty Williams was tabbed as the new head coach and once again, Planet Orange has work to do to try to climb back into respectability in the ultra-competitive Western Conference.

Phoenix once again will have a lottery pick Thursday night (sixth overall) when the NBA draft tips off. Now the question is, who makes the most sense?

“I’m hoping that Coby White, the freshman point guard from North Carolina, is still available which may or may not be the case,” former Suns guard, now FS1 and Pac-12 Network analyst Casey Jacobsen said to’s Brad Cesmat. “I think the Suns need a point guard and I think Coby White is one of the more dynamic point guards.”

Jacobsen points to White’s improvement as UNC’s season progressed. He excelled in conference play and has the ability to shoot well from the outside. 

While Phoenix has chosen to re-build young, the trend of the successful teams in the league is led by veterans who understand the physical and mental demands.

“Watching the playoffs…how many first, second or third-year players are actually playing real minutes,” Jacobsen asked. “I can’t even think of hardly any. If they want to continue to be patient and build around [Deandre] Ayton and [Devin] Booker than holding these draft picks and continuing to grow and develop them, although it is a slow and painful process for the fans, that’s a way to do it.”

Regardless of what happens Thursday night (Phoenix also has the 32nd selection) he knows the project continues for Robert Sarver’s club who just 19 games in 2018-19.

“The Suns need a lot of help,” Jacobsen said.

Same story, different year.