Saguaro’s Quintin Somerville Talks Latest Offers and Visits

Saguaro defensive end Quintin Somerville headlines another strong Arizona recruiting class in 2021. The Sabercat was named to the top-20 prospects in the class by 247Sports and has already gained 20 pounds this offseason.

Since the new year, Somerville has added offers from Michigan, Ohio State, Auburn, Utah, Nebraska and LSU in addition to the Arizona, ASU and Memphis offers he already held.

His offer from LSU is his most recent.

“The LSU offer was shocking and I wasn’t expecting it at all,” Somerville said. “It’s huge because the Tigers are known for putting defensive lineman in the league. Death Valley is an incredible place and hopefully I can get a visit in to see what it’s like inside.” 

Somerville recently visited Michigan and was impressed with what he saw in Ann Arbor.

“My visit to Michigan was incredible and the biggst takeaway was definitely the culture that Coach Harbaugh has built there,” Somerville said. “It was unlike any place I’ve visited because of the value placed on both education and football with the entire city loving Michigan.”

Somerville was one of the notable in-state prospects at ASU’s Elite Day last month, giving the Sun Devils a chance to host a collection of talent the program has never seen on a trip together at one time.

“(My biggest takeaway was) definitely the fact they want us and we’re important” Somerville said. “They brought us onto the field for dinner, that was really special for me. 

“It really helps our recruiting, how we’re going to take them into play, definitely how much they care about us.”

Somerville said he hopes to have a decision made by February, wanting to get his decision done early, well before his senior year. He’s also using this spring evaluation period, and the talent around him in this Saguaro program, to learn as much as he can about the recruiting process.

“I ask all the questions I can,” Somerville said. “Seeing (ASU linebacker and Saguaro alum Kyle Soelle) after the games, we ask him a lot of question about how it’s different and stuff and that definitely helps us out.”

He said among the schools pursuing him, programs like ASU, UCLA, Oklahoma, LSU, Nebraska and Notre Dame are currently jumping out to him.

The defensive end has played under Saguaro defensive line coach Kyle Caldwell, who was an All-American for the Sabercats before playing for Arizona State. Somerville, who had four sacks and 16 tackles for loss as a sophomore, wants to put up numbers that surpass his coach’s.

“He played defensive line here. so I’m definitely trying to chase him,” Somerville said through a smile.

Expect the offers and attention to not slow down as the spring progresses.