Game Changer! Patterson Here To Build A Home For Coyotes

FullSizeRenderSteve Patterson was standing over a long birdie attempt at Pinetop Country Club, when a group of former ASU football players started heckling him. Calmly, he sank the putt. He didn’t look around for any approval, he simply moved on to the next hole. That moment happened when Patterson was the Director of Athletics at Arizona State during a charity event for Sun Devils fans. I was playing in the same event and was impressed with his laser focus. He wasn’t the best golfer on the course, but that wasn’t his role. In his time at Arizona State, I found him to be very focused. I heard from those that worked for him that he was demanding. Good! .

Patterson was introduced as the new President and CEO of our floundering hockey franchise on Thursday. This is the perfect hire for a franchise that has hit rock bottom yet again. He is one person that can connect dots and get a building deal done. Downtown with Robert Sarver or East Valley with ASU or perhaps another entity. He has 12-18 months to accomplish an arena solution. He’s a pro. 

In the past few years the cheerleaders in front of cameras and microphones would make out almost every move by the Coyotes seem like the BEST THING EVER!!!! When in reality, it was nothing more than moving bodies through and around with no purpose or direction.  You’re sick and tired of hearing about building deals and seeing the product on the ice basically do the same thing(lose more than win) most seasons. 

Between gritty Rick Tocchet being named head coach and Patterson now on board to get a stadium deal done, today was actually a very good day for a franchise that is at about 00:00 on the game clock in Arizona.