College Station Quick Six With Christian Kirk

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Christian Kirk is flying past LOI Day much like he did defenders the past four years at Scottsdale Saguaro. The former Sabercat star will be making more big plays this fall for Kevin Sumlin and the Texas A&M Aggies who open their season against Arizona State at NRG Stadium in Houston on September 5th.

An early enrollee at A&M, we recently caught up with Kirk to discuss his hectic past few months, thoughts on the recruiting process and how he’s adapting to college life deep in the heart of Texas. 

1. What aspect of selecting a school/the recruiting process did you find the most difficult? “I think the aspect that was most difficult for me to decide on which school I was going to attend was if it was a place where I was comfortable and where I could be successful. I believe you can’t play your best football if you’re not comfortable where you are. Also, at the same time, I looked for an offense and a coaching staff that would put me in the right positions to make plays.”

2. Explain what you learned most about the entire process? “The thing I learned the most from the recruiting process was you have to stay true to the things that are most important to you. Find out what is most important to you when looking at schools and stick to it. Don’t let anyone outside the closest ones to you get in your ear.”

3. How are you adjusting to life away from Arizona for the first time and what do you miss most about home? “Life away from Arizona is pretty much what I expected. I’m an independent kid and have always loved the state of Texas so the transition was very easy for me. I would say I miss my friends and family most in Arizona. But, this was a decision I made to help me grow as a man and not be dependent on those people for the rest of my life.”

4. What was the craziest thing a school who was recruiting did to try to persuade you to sign with them? “I had multiple schools say I would hangout with certain celebrities if I came to their school.”

5. How big of an impact did Kyle Allen have on your final decision? “Kyle didn’t have much of an impact on my decision, it was more of it being a bonus that he is here, I love the school itself that’s why I came here but having him here makes things a lot easier. We both have the same goals and mindset so it’s always nice to have someone there to get extra work with you everyday and relate to the same things.”

6. What’s the best thing about being a Texas A&M Aggie? “The best thing about being an Aggie is that it goes beyond just being a football player here. It’s a family all around campus, everyone takes so much pride and tradition into this University, it’s an honor to be able to carry on the traditions and make former Aggies that love this place to death proud.”

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