2013 All-Academic Football Team D3/D4/D5

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After nominations from coaches, school staff and members of the Arizona high school football community, Sports360AZ.com presents the 2013 All-Academic Football team for Divisions III, IV and V. Spotlighting the state’s top student athletes who got the job done on the football field as well as in the classroom.

All-Academic Quarterback

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Luke Rubenzer, Senior, Saguaro, 4.2 GPA, 4,201 Passing yards, 61 touchdowns

Division III, IV & V First Team All-Academic Roster

QB: Luke Rubenzer, Senior, Saguaro, 4.2 GPA, 4,201 Passing yards, 61 touchdowns
RB: Nolan Cook, Senior, Blue Ridge, 3.9 unweighted GPA, 854 rushing yards, 11 touchdowns
RB: Marquise Paige, Senior Agua Fria, 3.04 unweighted GPA, 1,804 rushing yards, 19 total touchdowns
WR/TE: Nick Colson, Senior, Higley, 4.0 GPA, 1,079 receiving yards, 10 touchdowns
WR/TE: Matt Munsil, Senior, Scottsdale Prep, 3.91 unweighted GPA, 1,429 receiving yards, 22 touchdowns
WR/TE: Luke Petruzzi, Senior, Williams Field, 4.53 GPA, 211 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns
OL: Willie Andrews, Senior, Prescott, 3.8 GPA
OL: Cade Cote, Junior, Williams Field, 4.29 GPA
OL: Andrew Mike, Senior, Sabino, 3.89 GPA
OL: Jacob Warren, Junior, Coronado, 3.8 GPA
OL: Ryan Wilson, Junior, San Tan Foothills, 4.07
DL: Conner Allen, Senior, Safford, 3.8 GPA, 61 tackles, 3 sacks
DL: Marcus Edwards, Junior, Sabino, 4.0 GPA, 52 tackles, 5 sacks
DL: T.J. Widner, Senior, Valley Christian, 3.56 unweighted GPA, 12 sacks, 4 forced fumbles
LB: Justis Brown, Sophomore, Queen Creek, 4.33 GPA, 29 total tackles
LB: Ty Corbin, Senior, Valley Christian, 4.0 unweighted GPA, 42 total tackles, 1 sack
LB: Sterling Johnson, Senior, Prescott, 4.2 GPA, 100 tackles
LB: Braden Kartchner, Junior, McClintock, 4.61 GPA, 30 total tackles, 1 sack
DB: Steven Bonfield, Senior, Kingman, 3.85 GPA, 42 total tackles
DB: Daniel Frederick, Senior, Apache Junction, 4.22 GPA, 52 total tackles, 8 tackles for loss
DB: Quinten Hunt, Senior, Buckeye Union, 4.17 GPA, 17 tackles, 3 interceptions
DB: Zachary Neill, Senior, Liberty, 3.92 unweighted GPA, 142 tackles, 6 forced fumbles
K/P: Christian Fernandez, Senior, Prescott, 4.3 GPA, 7 for 9 Field Goals, 38 for 40 PAT’s
K/P: Brandon Haagsma, Senior, Valley Christian, 3.88 unweighted GPA, 25 of 28 PAT’s
Long Snapper: Nate Adams, Senior, Greenway, 4.32 GPA

All-Academic Honorable Mention

QB: Adam Abbatacola, Junior, Apache Junction, 4.28 GPA
QB: Brett Darling, Senior, Apache Junction, 4.01 GPA
QB: Bryce Dobbs, Senior, Queen Creek, 4.3 GPA
QB: Jared Fleming, Junior, Estrella Foothills, 3.5 GPA
QB: Jake Glatting, Senior, Thunderbird, 4.7 GPA
QB: Peyton Kendrick, Junior, Santa Rita, 3.8 GPA
QB: Kooper Ray, Junior, Goldwater, 3.81 GPA
QB: Ty Reidhead, Senior, Snowflake, 3.895 GPA
RB: Rozario Martinez, Senior, Palo Verde Magnet, 4.0 GPA
WR: Darius Aruirre, Senior, Peoria, 3.1 GPA unweighted
WR: Connor Brennan, Senior, Apache Junction, 4.27 GPA
WR: Jordan Jackson, Senior, Desert Edge, 4.0 GPA
WR: Zach Wolf, Senior, Valley Christian, 4.0 GPA unweighted
TE: Sean Curran, Senior, Kingman, 3.77 GPA
OL: Garrett Chartier, Senior, Prescott, 3.7 GPA
OL: Ryne Fuhrmark, Senior, Williams Field, 3.68 GPA
OL: Hunter Hallford, Senior, Apache Junction, 3.71 GPA
DL: Dayton Nussle, Senior, Valley Christian, 3.09 GPA unweighted
DL: Michael Vernon Peoples, Agua Fria. 3.5 GPA
LB: Hunter Gadvoda, Senior, Estrella Foothills, 3.8 GPA
LB: Jacob Owings, Senior, Valley Christian, 3.62 unweighted
DB: Cory Kasperson, Senior, Valley Christian, 3.67 GPA unweighted

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