Willow Canyon RB Darvon Hubbard Goes In-Depth on Texas A&M Commit

Willow Canyon running back Darvon Hubbard’s football journey led him to multiple high school campuses and college commitments, but he adapted throughout the entire process and found himself signing with an SEC power.

On Wednesday, Hubbard announced his commitment and signing to Texas A&M.

The 6’0″, 205-pound running back moved to Arizona from Ohio entering his sophomore year and joined Scottsdale Chaparral. Despite living in Suprise, his family opted for him to play for the Firebirds, roughly 40 miles away.

“It was tough, sometimes getting up at three in the morning to get to practice on time, hitting traffic on the way there” Hubbard said. “I just loved the players and the people I had met there. It was a good football program and I was fortunate to be there for two years.”

Entering his senior year, he decided to play closer to home and joined Willow Canyon. In eight games with the Wildcats, he rushed for 684 yards and 8 touchdowns. He also caught 19 passes for 334 yards and 4 additional scores. He wanted to focus not only on his on-field production but on his leadership skills as well, setting a standard for younger Wildcats.

“I pushed them in the weight room all the time to get better,” Hubbard said. “They pushed me as well because I didn’t want them to see me take reps off. I feel like I always have to do things the right way and they followed along and did the same.”

Entering his junior season with the Firebirds, Hubbard committed to Ohio State. Roughly a year later, he opted to re-open his recruitment after Urban Meyer left the program. He used lessons learned during the first iteration of his recruitment to help him land on the Aggies.

“(I was) just being patient, letting things fall in place,” Hubbard said of his recruitment. “Just letting God lead me to where I need to be, putting trust in Him and not getting too stressed about it. (I) continued to play football, continued to work out and continued to get better and better, and I knew my chance was going to come.”

Hubbard’s journey has had many stops and taken many paths, and now, it’s taking him to College Station and the Aggie football program.

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