What’s New at Chase Field with Derrick Hall and Chef Tilder

Happy Opening Day to all who celebrate.

For Arizona Diamondbacks fans, there’s tons to look forward too.

The late signing of pitcher Jordan Montgomery, along with other moves, has elevated the expectations for this team. That’s what a World Series apperance does.

A World Series appearance also impacts other parts of the franchise. Mainly the ballpark experience.

I caught up with President & CEO Derrick Hall to discuss all that is new.

Inside Chase Field, there is a brand new audio and lighting system. This is a big upgrade for the players on the field and the entertainment throught the ballpark.

Speaking of entertainment, the Rallybacks have evolved into a dance team. The squad is choreographed by professionals and will bring extra juice to the experience.

The menu is expanding for all you foodies out there. Chef Stephen Tilder is the one creating all the food magic.

The new menu includes a millionair steak sandwhich, a Gonzo box (chicken sandwhich or chicken tenders with a hawain roll, coleslaw, pickles, and fries), and more. I had Tilder walk me through them all.

The Diamondbacks open the season with a seven game homestand. The Colorado Rockies are in town for the first four, followed by the New York Yankees for three.