VIDEO: “Captn Crush” Sets World Record at Longbow

How many golf balls can you hit in an hour? How many would you want to hit?  Lynn Ray “Captn Crush” dropped in on Longbow golf club over Presidents weekend and set a Guinness World Record for the “Longest golf carry backwards”(below 1,000 meters) at 294 yards, 1-foot, 4 inches.

He set an official World record for “Most golf balls driven in one hour” 1090 balls, with an average ball going 225, with the longest traveling 350 yards. The final mileage total for his one hour was 245,250 yards or about 139.3 miles!

He accomplished both feats on Saturday. Typical Barnum and Bailey stuff right? Not so fast! I went out to meet Lynn on Friday to see him attempt the Guinness record for hitting the most golf balls over 300 yards in an hour.IMG_0730 In 88-degree weather, I saw Lynn melt down. He hit close to 350 balls in the hour, but ONLY hit 285 balls over 300 yards, coming well short of the standing record. I was most impressed by Lynn trying to set this record at 2pm on Friday, with his son getting married in Gilbert four hours later.

“Captn Crush” will try and recapture his previous record of most balls over three hundred yards in an hour at Riverwalk in San Diego March 4th and 5th.