Sister, Sister: Erikstrup Twins Reunite at Grand Canyon University

The Erikstrup twins have always been known as that: “The twins.”

“Let’s meet at the twins’ house.” 

“I’m meeting up with the twins.”

They were inseparable on and off the court. In high school, they spent their days on the court and pretty much in the same class.

But college life meant they neeeded to separate.

Sydney went to ASU and Laura went to San Diego. 

Over three years, they each got to grow independently but also were also on each others’ minds daily. Most days they would FaceTime at least four or five times a day to stay in touch. 

Last offseason, Sydney entered the transfer portal. Laura’s season ran a little longer and she eventually did the same. They would have loved to play together again while finding a system that fit their skillsets, but couldn’t force the issue.

Turns out they didn’t have to. 

They both ended up going to GCU to play for Molly Miller. Both of the twins came from programs that prioritized defense, and if there is one thing the Lopes women’s basketball program is known for, it’s shutting down offenses. 

Now, Laura and Sydney are back to being “the twins,” but they have a whole new perspective. They’ve grown together and separately over the last three years and are grateful they get to play together again while helping build the Lopes women’s basketball team to new heights.