Robinson Brothers Win 2018 Best HS Football Celebration GIF

(***Please play the attached link before reading***)

Ty Robinson accomplished a lot with the Higley Knights. He has been a nightmare for opposing offensive linemen, an All-American and one of the most sought-after recruits in the nation.

But it’s how he celebrated one of his brother’s accomplishments that jumped out to our votes for the 2018 Best High School Football Celebration GIF Award. Sophomore Truitt Robinson made an improbable catch-and-run to put the Knights ahead late in an instant class playoff win against the Casteel Colts. Big brother was there to pick him up and give him some love as they made their way back to the sideline.

That brotherly love beat out 15 other celebration GIFs and took 37% of the final vote.

Thanks to all who participated in the voting, and congratulations to the Robinson brothers. 

Time to start scouting for next year.