Local Entrepreneur makes dream a reality with the Arizona Sports Fan Expo

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If you’re a sports fan in Phoenix, would you ever dream of being at a place where all of your favorite sports teams are under one roof? That is a vision that one entrepreneur in town had and has now made a reality.

Susan Ratliff, of Susan Ratliff Presents Inc. (a local trade show display company with 20 years experience), for the last few years has dreamed of combining her background of putting on trade shows and her love of sports. Finally, Ratliff decided to invest her own money into bringing this dream to fruition with the first ever Arizona Sports Fan Expo this weekend.

“I wanted to show our team spirit and celebrate the fact that Arizona is only one of five states in the country that can brag about having all six professional sports teams,” said Ratliff. “It is an opportunity to bring the entire community together for a super fan festival.”

Ratliff knew for this event to be done and done correctly, there was only one location for it to take place and that was indoors at the University of Phoenix Stadium. She has worked with a few of these local teams for more than ten years being clients of hers for past trade shows. Those relationships made it easy to get the word out to the local teams regarding her plans

“When I spoke with the people with the Stadium, they said if I can get every team under one roof, they would host the event,” Ratliff explained. “I have had amazing support from each and every local franchise and we were able to secure the stadium as our venue.”

The goal of this is to be an environment for everything a sports fan would dream of consisting of a consumer shopping expo full of exhibits offering fitness, health and sports related products as well as opportunities to go home and stock your man cave with signed memorabilia.

“There will be fun, interactive experiences at every team booth, meet and greets with cheerleaders and mascots, autograph signings with current and former players, super prize package giveaways as well as kids camp, yoga demonstrations, basketball and baseball clinics,” Said Ratliff.

Plus for many, what on game day is almost equally important to the game itself? Tailgating.

“There are will be cooking demonstrations from team chefs as well as and educational presentations on nutrition, concussion prevention, water safety and more,” she added.

Yes she even managed to get U of A and ASU under the same roof as well but they still wished to be on opposite ends of the stadium.

The Arizona Sports Fan expo will be the first of its kind, not just in this state, but also the country. It is Ratliff’s hope that this one time dream of her becomes a staple in this community for years and years to come.

“It is a big risk, but with all the teams involved, strong sponsor support, a great group of volunteers all at this fantastic venue, I guarantee that the Arizona Sports Fan Expo, a first of its kind, will be a success!” Ratliff stated.