“Lightning and Thunder” Filling Void For Chandler During Lucas Absence

Chase Lucas injuring his knee in the first half of the showdown with Bishop Gorman really hit hard for the Chandler Wolves program. They lose one of the state’s top playmakers and their most vocal leader as a result.

Also during that game in Las Vegas, quarterback Mason Moran got a deep laceration on his hand which had ultimately required nine stitches. Pass plays had not come easy for a little over a week for the quarterback so there became a big emphasis on someone from the running game to step up for both Lucas and Moran.

In a big way, not one but two Chandler running backs have stepped up now for two straight weeks to keep this freight train that is the Wolves offense moving. Senior Micah Reed-Campos and junior T.J. Green have picked up the slack in a tremendous way.

“He’s a big leader for us and we all miss him but he is going to be back,” said Reed-Campos of his teammate Lucas. “Me and T.J are going to step up and get the job done, take over that leadership role and get it done for him.”

“We have two other backs that work hard too so we are all just working hard,” mentioned Green on he and his teammates stepping up. “We just have to keep it going.”

With Reed-Campos and Green sharing the duties, they both present different looks and styles which can throw off a defense.

“Micah is more of a slasher and T.J is more of a downhill guy and they complement each other really well,” explained Chandler head coach Shaun Aguano. “I think for being young guys and playing with not that much experience, they are doing well to take care of that void that Chase has.”

“We have been very versatile and open to everything that the coaches need us to do,” added Reed-Campos. “Just getting ready to run the ball no matter how many times we have to and getting it in the end zone for us to get that win.”

Reed-Campos and Green have a growing chemistry which has made it fun for them both to compete and challenge one another while their team needs them most.

“I call it a little lightning and thunder,” Reed-Campos stated. “At any time one of us can go so I am proud of him, he keeps working hard and he is going to be a big part of this offense.”

“We have a loving relationship,” Green mentioned. “I love him. He’s like my bother. I look up to him and we bond off of each other.”

The update meanwhile on Chase Lucas is that he began his rehab this week and hopes to be back in action in three weeks. The Wolves are now 3-1 after their 60-31 win over Desert Ridge and will take on Horizon at home next week.