Kurt Warner’s HOF Time Is Now

Few understand patience like Kurt Warner.

By now you’re well aware of the Hollywood back story which started as an Iowa grocery store checker and ended as an NFL MVP.

Now a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, once considered impossible, seems almost probable as Warner awaits next month’s final decision as one of 15 finalists for the class of 2017 according to one NFL source close to the situation.

“I think it is, I’m pretty sure it is, ” Talk of Fame Network host and long time NFL insider Clark Judge told Sports360AZ.com’s Brad Cesmat in a phone interview Wednesday. “I don’t speak for the other 47 voters but knowing that room and knowing what I heard the last two years I think this is the time.”

Warner, who has been a finalist the past two years, is considered the “next man up” among the five to be selected according to the long-time HOF voter Judge.

“He was in the on-deck circle last year,” he explained to Cesmat. “Last year you had the feeling he was [so close], the sixth guy. Now you look at it and say, ‘you know what, this is Kurt Warner’s year.'”

Judge says beyond Warner’s rags-to-riches pro football career which included a stint in the Arena League, it was his ability to turn downtrodden franchises in St. Louis and Arizona into Super Bowl teams.

“I think when people look at his career,” Judge explained. “They think, ‘he not only pulled off one miracle, he pulled off two.'”

Warner, who spent his final five seasons with the Cardinals, helped lead the Cards to their only Super Bowl appearance back in 2008. His NFL resume’ includes four Pro Bowls, two-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP after leading the Rams to a title in 2000.

The Burlington, Iowa native threw 208 career touchdowns for over 32,000 yards before retiring after the 2009 season, his 12th in the NFL.