Fabiano’s Fantasy Focus: Week Four, Volume I

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Every summer leading into and throughout the NFL season, Sports Illustrated and SI.com Senior Fantasy Analyst Michael Fabiano joins Sports360AZ.com to share his insight on building and developing your fantasy team for success.

Here are some highlights from our most recent conversation (September 29th) with the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association Hall of Famer.

With COVID hitting the Titans this week, what’s the best way to approach all of this as a fantasy owner? “I think you need to be prepared to not have your Titans this week and maybe your Steelers because that is their opponent. There has also been been some talk about the Vikings and the Texans, although the Vikings had no positive cases so that’s a good thing.”

Who is the hottest wide receiver name on the waiver wire this week? “At wide receiver, Justin Jefferson is going to be a massive add. He had a huge game last week – it was like he was back at LSU. 175 yards and a touchdown. He had over 30 fantasy points. He had just five on six targets over the first two games. I don’t know why Minnesota waited to unleash him but, whatever, it is what it is. That’s probably going to end up being his best game of the year. Not to be a Negative Nancy but I do think he is an obvious add this week, although the matchup is not great against the Texans assuming that game goes on without a hitch but still worth adding.”

How about at running back? “Chris Carson has got the knee sprain in Seattle. Not sure if he’s going to play this week. So Carlos Hyde needs to be added across the board, especially if you have Carson – just in case. Rex Burkhead is another guy. Massive game last week. Three touchdowns and almost 35 fantasy points which is probably going to be the best game he has all year long but until James White is back and until Damien Harris is back, then Rex Burkhead needs to be owned and then potentially started. They’ve got Kansas City this week. That will be a high-scoring affair.”  

Does Nick Foles taking over with the Bears impact David Montgomery? “I don’t think it effects Montgomery’s value very much. The fact that Tariq Cohen is out could mean he gets a little more involved in the passing game. The matchup this week is bad. Indianapolis’ defense is good. They’ve played very well this season. I know, they played Sam Darnold and he stinks but they held Kirk Cousins to negative fantasy points and that’s not easy to do. So, the matchup this week for the Bears is not great. Montgomery, again, might see more opportunities as a pass catcher. He’s probably a flex starter this week but I just don’t like that matchup.”

After three weeks are you starting to look to make deals and if so, who may be some targets? “You want to look at buying low at this point. So, I’d go after Christian McCaffrey because, I know he’s going to miss 4-6 weeks but right now his price tag is pretty low comparably, right? No one is going to trade McCaffrey when he’s healthy but if the team that has CMC is just hurting at running back without him, and maybe you have some depth at that position and you can throw him an offer, maybe he’ll take it. Right? McCaffrey is somebody I would be looking to see if I could acquire and you also have to make sure acquiring McCaffrey is not going to hurt your bottom line because you’re going to be without him for another month or so McCaffrey is certainly a player I would be taking a look at. In terms of other players, Raheem Mostert is banged up right now. Somebody might be inclined to make a trade if they didn’t get Jeff Wilson and/or Jerick McKinnon off the waiver wire. So I target the teams that have the biggest holes to fill. You may inquire to the owner who has Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson has not been great so far. He had a great Week One, his last two weeks have stunk – based on his high expectations.”

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