2016 Wasn’t as Bad as You Might Think

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I can find plenty of positives over the last twelve months. More positives than negatives from my view, you just have to dig a little deeper.

david-johnson-8I am guessing most of you have seen what David Johnson has done out of the Cardinals offense. 2017 will be just his third season. Outside of Zeke Elliot with the Cowboys, who’s better?  A humble mega-star, I like those kind. You can go through a quarterback change when there’s a player lining up who can carry the ball 25 times, chip, pick up the blitz and catch.

We have another humble one here in Larry Fitzgerald.  Over 100 catches in 2016. Just going about his business until the Hall of Fame calls. Kurt Warner said on my show in November that he was of the opinion that Fitz was done after this season. larry_fitzgerald_49ers
I won’t be upset if he retires. Larry has done more than enough on and off the field for the Cardinals organization. Staying too long is never good. Both have been terrific in 2016.

The Diamondbacks, Suns, and Coyotes haven’t been good, and weren’t expected to do much in 2016. Of the three, the Diamondbacks were supposed to be better, but c’mon, even with Zack Greinke coming over, most inside the organization weren’t running around telling us how great they were going to be.

It’s no fun having losing teams across the board, but outside of the Cardinals, no one should-be  surprised with the poor showing by the pro teams. In our great State, having the four major sports is pretty cool.

Our College Football teams were not good but both weren’t EXPECTED to do anything in 2016. This was a transition season. No one likes to go through those, but honestly were you surprised? Both Todd Graham and Rich Rod will need to have quick starts to quiet any talk of changing coaches. Expectations will be low, interest will be lower to start the season.

Tell me what was wrong with TPC Scottsdale and the PGA Tour stop in 2016? Nothing

Tell me what was wrong with having two NASCAR Races at PIR in 2016? Nothing

Tell me what was wrong with having Valley resident Michael Phelpsmichael phelps represent our State in RIO and then agree to help out with the ASU swim program? Nothing

Tell me exactly what was wrong with Devin Booker coming onto the Valley sports scene in 2016?

Shane Doan Coyotes 2015How about another year with Shane Doan on the ice?

Or maybe you forgot about having all those Spring Training teams last March

Perhaps you failed to drop in on a GCU basketball game and be part of as good a fan experience as your going to find in the Valley

I can go on and on with the good stuff. I get it, some of you just want to complain, complain, complain. Not me.

Our State lost “The Champ” this year. Muhammad Ali passed away. That was the worst for me.