Cardinals vs. Rams, 19 – 13

What looked like and played like a snoozer in the first half, turned into a near disaster in the second half for the Cardinals, as two safeties on quarterback John…

King James courting Steve Nash?

Never underestimate the power of social media. There may or may not be NBA basketball anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean the stars are staying out of the national spotlight….

Some feel criticism of Whisenhunt unfair

Let’s hope Ken Whisenhunt and the Cardinals took advantage of the opportunity to get away during their bye weekend because the task of salvaging their 1-4 start doesn’t get any…

Schwartz-Harbaugh feud not surprising

In the NFL, rarely does the action after the game trump what happened on the field. That certainly wasn’t the case Sunday in “The Motor City.” Lions head coach Jim…

Barkley paints bleak picture for NBA season

Mid-October is the rare time on the calendar where nearly every sports fan can help themselves to a piece of the pie. The baseball playoffs are nearing the Fall Classic….