Bidwill: Upgrades Coming To University of Phoenix Stadium

Michael Bidwill has every intention of “keeping up with the Jones’.” With the Super Bowl returning to Glendale in 2023 and new venues opening shortly in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the Arizona Cardinals’ President announced earlier this week $100 million in upgrades and renovations to University of Phoenix Stadium ramping up to the Super Bowl in five years.

“We’ve already done about $28 million to renovate the club area,” Bidwill said to the assembled media. “About an equal amount on parking lots and infrastructure related to the pedestrian ways coming to the stadium from those new parking lots.”

He also said the fan experience will be enhanced by new tailgate areas, as well as select upgraded features once fans enter the stadium. 

“In addition we are going to upgrade video boards, wi-fi, all the stuff you don’t really see changes to,” Bidwill continued. “But they improve the fan experience.”

He also bristled when a media member questioned whether UoP was outdated by NFL standards.

“This is one of the best stadiums in the National Football League,” he said. “This stadium is an outstanding stadium.”

An outstanding stadium which will host its third Super Bowl.