AZ Audibles: Transfer Eligibility, Teams to Watch in 2nd Half, #FitzMagic

Every week, Sports360AZ’s Haley StesiakEric Sorenson and Jordan Hamm  provide stories, facts and tidbits from games they attend and storylines they are keeping an eye on with a round table discussion.

On this episode, Haley and Jordan discuss their teams to watch in the second half as region play gets going. Plus, Jordan highlights a couple players who are eligible this week after sitting out five games due to the transfer rule.


This week’s social snap is former Highland Hawk, now Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s postgame press conference style.

Fitzpatrick borrowed teammate Desean Jackson’s clothes for his post-game chat with the media. The former Hawk said the only thing of the outfit that was his was his chest hair as Jackson waited to the side for his clothes back.

Both the Hawks and Bucs are undefeated so far here in 2018.