Vince Amey Revisits Favorite Camp Tontozona Memories

The Arizona State football team heads up to Camp Tontozona on Wednesday for a few days of practice and team bonding. This camp has been a staple of ASU preseasons over the years and gives an opportunity for traveling Sun Devil fans to take in the team for the first time this fall. 

While the Sun Devils have to overcome some logistical adversity to stay at camp, the coaching staff has embraced the getaway as a chance for the team to get away from their cellphones and bond on a deeper level. 

Few on the team know this better than defensive line coach Vince Amey, who played for the Sun Devils in the 90s including the team that made it to the 1997 Rose Bowl. The team had to grind on the field and avoid thunderstorms off of it when Amey went to Camp T as a player. 

He looks back at those times, including when he was a freshman with a young Pat Tillman.