Three Dots…New landscape of the Pac-12, look at your Disney stock…

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Have you looked at your Disney stock lately?

Have you read and heard how ESPN, owned by Disney, has tossed bodies out in the street through layoffs and cutbacks?

Have you read the smart financial analysts and reporters who have wondered out loud if Disney is about to part ways with ESPN?

Have you read where Apple-TV has become part of the streaming bid for the Pac-12 contract at around $20-million per school.

Have you seen what the arrival of Messi has done for soccer on Apple-TV?

Did you happen to stream Ted Lasso on Apple-TV?

We are watching “Hijacked” right now on Apple-TV. It’s terrific.

Do you think Apple-TV has enough cash lying around to purchase ESPN IF Disney decides to dump the “World Wide Leader”?

Might it be pretty smart in 2023 to form a partnership with Apple-TV now, rather than wait?

What if Apple has a NIL componenet with the Pac-12 athletes as part of an streaming agreement?

What if Apple-TV doubles or triples subscriptions? What does that $20-million per school then look like?

What if ESPN is brought into the Apple-TV brand and along with it comes the SEC?


Are you one of those who wants games on your linear TV because that’s all you’ve ever known. You hate change.

Are you one who just wants the 31.2 million from the Big 12(assuming a full share is given to your school for coming over) because today in early August 2023, it looks the safest and smartest?.

Do you trust anyone in leadership of the Pac-12 to do something(anything) right with their media rights and content?

I’m looking at my Disney stock…