Devils Dodgeball Takes Over Camp Tontozona

Arizona State football has been hard at work at Camp Tontozona on the field and making sure to biuld a strong bond off the field. 

The Sun Devils ended their Friday practice with dodgeball as a part of their Sun Devil Olympics series. 

The intensity was ramped up to 11, and here are a few takeaways from the session:

  • Offensive assistant Bobby Wade was named the secret MVP of the tournament by assistant coach Charlie Ragle. It wasn’t much of a secret if you watched. 
  • Defensive back Ed Woods used to play baseball and it showed. His teammates were on the receiving end of quite a few bean-balls.
  • Will Shaffer is as laid back as they come off the field. On the football field, he is constantly locked in. I’ve covered Will since he was a junior in high school and I’ve never seen him as intense as he was during dodgeball. He was disputing calls, working the refs, talking smack to his opponents. Tremendous stuff.
  • This mattered as much (maybe more) to the coaching staff as it did to the players. And it meant a lot to the players.

The Sun Devils wrap up their Camp Tontozona session on Saturday with a scrimmage open to the public.