Chapman & Maclain Way Break Down “Untold” Series Evolution

The Way brothers have created some of the best documentaries out there. From Wild, Wild Country to the Battered Bastards of Baseball, they know how to find and effectively tell complex stories. 

They’ve continued that trend by overseeing Netflix’s “Untold” series, which is releasing its third installment this month. This installment includes profiles on Jake Paul, Johnny Manziel, the BALCO scandal and the Urban Meyer era at the University of Florida.

The series consistently pulls back the curtain of its subjects and shows their most vulnerable sides to show the true side of some of the world’s biggest sports stars.

The brothers joined Sports360AZ to break down the nuance that comes with discussing a subject’s mental health, finding a documentary-worthy story and how “Untold” continues to evolve.

“Untold” is rolling out its newest installment throughout the month of August.