Kenny Dillingham on Ro Torrence Leadership, Battling the Heat, Utah Inspiration

Arizona State football opened their first fall camp of the Kenny Dillingham era on Monday, and (shocker) it was 

The heat is on

The heat will be a focus for all outdoor activities in the state for the next few months, and the Sun Devils did what they could to battle the elements including giving a popsicle break for the players to cool down and rehydrate. 

Dillingham wants to use the heat as a “teammate” when games roll around, exploiting the high temperatures to slow down opponents from cooler climates while the Sun Devils are desert tested.

Ro Torrence stepping up

Dillingham took time in his media availability to highlight defensive back Ro Torrence’s growth as a leader since spring ball. 

The defensive back is coming off his debut season with the Sun Devils tallied 28 tackles, an interception and eight passes defended. Dillingham challenged Torrence to step up as a leader after spring ball and the defensive back has responded and then some. 

The Utes in the Buttes

When asked about the goals of fall camp, the first thing Dillingham touched on was creating a culture of physicality on the field. 

“I want to see people hit people over and over again.”

He showed the team multiple clips of Utah flexing their muscle on opponents and overcoming poor play calls with culture and effort. The Utes have been a crown jewel of the Pac-12 and is going for its third straight conference title this season. 

If there’s a blueprint to follow to impose a team’s collective will, get the most out of players and building an identity in the Pac-12, look no further than the Utes.

Buckle up, friends. Day 1 is in the books and the Sun Devils are hoping to hit the ground running.