Brittney Griner puts up 18 points, multiple dunks in return to WNBA All-Star

AP Photo/John Locher

Brittney Griner and Team Stewart had a ball in the 2023 WNBA All-Star Game, beating Team Wilson 143-127.

Seattle’s Jewell Loyd won All-Star MVP with 31 points.

Griner dropped a double-double with 18 points and 13 rebounds to go along with two blocks.

She was forced to miss last year’s All-Star game due to her wrongful detainment in Russia.

When the nine-time All-Star was selected in 2023, she joked that she hopes to “have better stats than I did last year…think I had 0’s across the board.”

“I didn’t think I’d be here today,” Griner said. “Everybody sending letters, sending love, posting…it really meant a lot to me. It gave me hope…It was this league that helped me out.”

She threw it down too.

“I called my knees, I talked to ’em, I gave ’em a little pep talk,” Griner said. “We got it up there. I’m mad no one else dunked.” 

And Griner was mic’d up:

During the postgame press conference, Griner was asked about her expectations for the 2024 All-Star Game in Phoenix by none other than her teammate, Shey Peddy.

“A lot of fun,” Griner said. “It’s gonna be some special things going on. You’re just gonna have to come and see what happens. Hope you get an invite.”

The Mercury’s season continues at home on Tuesday against the Connecticut Sun at 7 pm.