Inside Helly’s Head – Dale Hellestrae weighs in


Note from Sports360az CEO Brad Cesmat
Dale Hellestrae’s journey went from being a basketball kid in high school at Saguaro to a multi-ring Super Bowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve encouraged Dale to share his thoughts on topics that are of interest to him. He’s helping Scottsdale Christian football, broadcasting high school games for COX, college football games this Fall on Westwood One radio, and tryhing to figure out how to get his handicap out of the crooked numbers.
I hope he finds the time to contribute more to us here at Sports360az in the coming weeks, months.

Enjoy Inside Helly’s Head

Things that go thru a banged up 17 year nfl offensive lineman’s mind:

Golf news;

As an avid golfer, I have watched the pga/liv competition closely. While the details will come out in due time and emotions are high, it dawned on me how little control the athletes that actually play the games have in their respective sports! You are telling me that these negotiations went on for 7 weeks and no players knew about them? Yet the pga continued to trot Rory out every week to denounce the liv tour…astounding! As a former player, I was brought up to honor a contract that you signed. However, as I have grown older, I have realized that most professional contracts are so slanted to the owners it is almost ludicrous. Most careers are short, I am understanding more and more the “get as much as you can now” mentality. Other than a few nba and mlb players, athletes have no say in their sport. How the pga/liv merger finally comes together, there will be a group of players who get the short end of the stick… the question will remain, how do you compensate the likes of Rory who reportedly turn down $500 million to stay loyal to his pga tour! The next weeks and months will be fascinating!

High school padded spring ball:

WHAT???? WHAT????
Please tell me that you are kidding!
You can’t give me ONE good reason for padded spring ball in high school!
15/16/17 year olds in full pads for spring ball… it make no sense!
There will not be 1 more scholarship offered. There is not 1 college coach who would watch a 280 lb 1st team tackle block a 225lb 2nd dl in spring ball and say “ wow, we missed on this guy” there is nothing positive that would come out of this idea.
But…. There will be injuries… that is a certainty!
A BODY, especially a young BODY is built for 1 contact season a year. Please put this idea to rest…quickly.

NFL and gambling:

Always amazing to me how some players think they can out smart the league. But, there are always a few.
Some Indianapolis colts players are being investigated for placing bets in team facilities and other places where the league has forbidden.
You don’t have to agree with the nfl rule, your choice, but they also don’t have to let you play. It is a privilege to play in the league, not a right.
As an aside… since the statute of limitations has passed… I can tell a story of how hard it is to win money gambling on football.
When I was in Dallas, we decided to do a suicide pool…pick 1 team to win each week (no point spreads) just a winner. only rules… can’t pick Dallas and
You could only pick a team 1 time. Plenty of entries.. all football players, all know the game, all watch film…should be a fun, competitive contest.. right??
Lasted 5 weeks… 5 weeks and we were all eliminated!! Crazy!!

Just a few thoughts going through this big, mostly empty cranium of mine