Bradley Beal introduced as Suns double down on “Super Team”

“I’d like to build a super team. I’d like the super team to come to me.” – Devin Booker, 2018.

With the trade of Chris Paul and Landry Shamet for Bradley Beal, the second “super team” built around Booker is here. The valley is waiting for its first men’s basketball title. Beal is eager to get a ring as well. Kevin Durant will be better after another healthy offseason. Booker is a bonafide superstar. The best iteration of that team is here.

“I get antsy just thinking about it because I haven’t had those opportunities,” Beal said. “The biggest box we check is unselfishness. We just want to compete.”

His opening press conference was solid. He shared his respect for the Washington Wizards, praised Deandre Ayton as well as Kevin Durant and Booker, and showed an eagerness to get back to winning basketball. He even is ready to embrace the valley, despite the summer heat.


That’s how just about every one of these press conferences goes. That’s not a knock, it’s just reality.

Excitement is good. Let’s see how James Jones manages the rest of the roster (spoiler alert, it’s not as important as the moves already made). Let’s see how healthy the big three stay early on in the season as they develop chemistry. Let’s see what happens when they get to the second round of the playoffs. Then we can judge just how “super” this team is.

My guess: We’ll be preparing for a parade in early June 2024.