Beal trade still not enough to get past Denver

Arizona Sports News online

Did the Suns get a player to stop/slow down Nicola Jokic? Just checking.

Jock Landale played the Nuggets star about as well as anyone else did in the postseason. I’m not joking. Jokic used his Steve Nash court vision to tear up everyone and anyone who tried to stop him. Does Bradley Beal improve the Suns chances of beating Denver in a seven-game series? I don’t see it.

As the Miami Heat showed (with an exclamation point) The NBA regular season doesn’t mean much of anything. Get healthy and hot by the end of March and anything is possible.

Bradley Beal was on the court for 50 games this past season. 40 the year before. 2018-19 was the last time he made it through a full 82 games. Did Kevin Durant and Devin Booker miss a good chunk of games last season? Yep.

Durant has a playoff record of 9-13 the last three years. 9-13…

I admire the owner going for it. I have no doubt that there are still moves to be made before next season begins. Whether the style of basketball is good or bad, It doesn’t mean much until the playoffs. I’m not going to start planning the first ever victory parade for the Suns simply because Bradley Beal is now on the case.

I like the trade. Beal is a fine player. He’s not the missing ingredient to beat Denver, at least not as the current roster is constructed. Get back to me when training camp opens in late September. Let’s check-in on one another at the February trade deadline, then let’s get real about March 30th 2024.

It was time for Chris Paul to move on. He’ll get his $30-million and likely end up with one of the LA teams so he can see his son play high school ball. I’m guessing he’ll get over the “surprised” part…