Welcoming thoughts to Suns head coach Frank Vogel

2020 file photo - Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James celebrates with head coach Frank Vogel after scoring a basket (AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez)

Hi Frank,

Welcome to Phoenix, where you’re on the clock to win a NBA title in the next year or two. We are a pretty simple community. If you win, we care, if you don’t, we have dozens of other options and you’ll be unemployed again.

Your hire hasn’t been met with overwhelming approval and excitement, or disdain. That’s ok with me

I doesn’t matter to me that you weren’t the first option for the job, even though I’m sure we will hear comments like “this was our guy all along”. Part of the business to sell the new hire(win the press conference). You’ve won a title(doesn’t matter to me that it was in the COVID bubble, congrats on winning a ring), you’ve coached Lebron, Anthony Davis, Paul George among others, so working with stars like we have here shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t know how the players feel about you being the new guy. I’d like to think that they were consulted on the move, but given the track record of Kevin Durant, we will know in about a year or less if he’s happy or wants yet another change of zip code.

As a heads up, you’re going to be asked about mending fences with Deandre Ayton. I understand how the game is played, so what you say up front when you’re introduced will be very positive. It would be refreshing to hear something like “we have work to do with Deandre, but he needs to show us he wants to be here”. The fan base is at a point where they’d like the team to move on from him, though I’m still not in that camp unless a kings ransom comes back.

One last thought. You’re going to have to find a way to coach a roster through Denver in order to keep your job long term.

The Suns are a great brand. Be brilliant and don’t screw it up.