Mesa’s Deven Raper Continues to Solidify Supercross Journey

For over a dozen years, Mesa native, Deven Raper, has made his mark as a prominent privateer on the AMA Monster Energy Supercross tour.

The Red Mountain High School grad has been on dirt bikes his entire life and strayed off the path of his family’s desert racing roots to find his place in motocross and Supercross. Raper returns to his home venue of State Farm Stadium in Glendale to battle some of the best dirt bike races in the world in an attempt to qualify for the special-edition “Triple Crown” event that only 22 riders qualify for.

Throughout his career, he has played the role of underdog, battling multimillion-dollar teams with his own setups, equipment, and formerly his own van pulling up next to the NASCAR-style factory-supported buses. But Raper always finds a way to stand alongside the juggernauts of the sport as his career continues on.