Chandler’s Kennedy Urlacher Reveals Top Programs, Commitment Upcoming

On April 28, Chandler defensive back Kennedy Urlacher revealed his top six schools via Twitter. Urlacher has Notre Dame, TCU, Penn State, Miami, Kansas and Illinois narrowed down to his top programs and will make a commitment on Monday, May 1.

The 6-foot-0, 185-pound junior is coming off of a recent visit to Notre Dame where the Fighting Irish left a lasting impression on him. 

“Coach [Marcus] Freeman, the head coach, Coach [Chris] O’Leary, the safeties coach, and Coach [Chad] Bowden, the recruiting coordinator I was around really everybody. They all made great relationships and the vibes are really good there all around,” Kennedy said. 

Kennedy added that the large appeal to the Fighting Irish revolves around the equal opportunity to play high-level football while getting a high-level education. 

Kennedy said that Notre Dame, TCU and Miami had the most impressive facilities and he left both of those visits feeling ‘blown away’ by the experience. 

“Notre Dame it was definitely the field. Oh, the locker room in our game was also really good too. And the TCU locker room was pretty cool, their players are just really cool as well. And then Miami, their weight room was really nice.”

Urlacher earned an offer from TCU in March and shortly after visited the Horned Frogs in mid-April. 

“They see me starting off as a middle-high safety and then maybe as I keep going and staying there, maybe playing the star position in there, like the linebackers.”

Urlacher made the transfer from Casteel to Chandler after his freshman year. Kennedy was a freshman starter at Casteel and he said he believed he wouldn’t have started as a freshman at Chandler. For that reason, Kennedy thought it would be the best choice to transfer to Chandler to challenge himself to improve.

“Every single college practice I go to I see the practices are just like Chandler, really. Every coach I’ve talked to, especially in the meeting rooms, they said I’m probably one of the smartest guys I talked to. I really just being at Chandler is different.”