March Bagless – GCU Equipment Lost In Route To Denver

(AP Photo/Ronda Churchill)

The Grand Canyon University Men’s Basketball Team arrived in Denver ahead of the NCAA Tournament only to realize they were without their bags. Reported by Matt Norlander on Twitter, the team was missing several bags that included equipment, uniforms and athletic gear. 

As luck would have it, Bryce Drews older brother and Baylor head coach Scott Drew is also in Denver for the tournament. Scott Drew offered his brother Baylor gear for the Lopes to practice in. However, despite the kind brotherly gesture, the madness resulted in a shopping spree for the Lopes Basketball team.

The team needed new shoes and athletic gear to practice ahead of their first round game against the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Lopes junior forward Aidan Igiehon took to TikTok to rave about the team’s new kicks and equipment. 


#MarchMadness sad story. ill take the free kicks tho

♬ original sound – aidanigiehon

Per a Tweet posted by Grand Canyon Men’s Basketball Twitter, team bags were secured late Wednesday night.