24 hours of hoops…

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12:04am this morning(Thursday), I walked out of the Idaho Central Arena in downtown Boise after Northern Arizona University lost in the Big Sky Title game. If the Lumberjacks had won, it would’ve been the first time in 23 years that they had made the NCAA Tournament. I loved the enthusiasm and environment of the night. The snow came down hard on the walk to the game. The walk back was slick. Almost a couple of slips and falls.


It’s not easy to sleep right after late night games. The adrenalin and the sensory overload make it difficult to unwind. This is a problem when the flight from Boise to Las Vegas is at 6:10am. Not much time to snooze before the ride share showed up 4:48am. I kind of remember the plane being de-iced, but not really. I was excited to get to Las Vegas so I could crash out before going to the GCU, Arizona and Arizona State games. However, sleep wasn’t happening because my room wasn’t ready. Ugh…

My friend Matt met up with for an early lunch and then it was off to the Pac-12 for a midday look at UCLA.

I made it through the first half before the text that my room at the hotel was ready. Sleep!!!!

The hour and a half blackout helped! I felt good dropping in on Grand Canyon University around 3pm for their WAC quarterfinals game against Seattle U over at the Orleans. http://

A short Uber drive back to the T-Mobile gave time to catch up with Jordan Hamm about the news of the day back in the Valley. Then it was time to get ready for Arizona v Stanford.


Arizona shot 63-percent for the game. No chance for Stanford to win. Courtney Ramey was impressive, hitting 4-8 3ptrs.

So the Sun Devils and USC finished off my basketball whirlwind. First off, the USC band and student section is right next to us. After the last twenty four hours, I’m a little punchy.

Arizona State played a complete game in the nightcap. A third matchup with Arizona is pretty cool.

The fun part about the last twenty-four hours has been the people. I had a Lyft driver in Vegas signing Donna Summer “Hot Stuff” at full throat. I sat with two ladies on the plane from Boise, they run a daycare and were coming to Vegas for the first time to “go a little crazy”. Can’t script this stuff!

It’s exactly midnight as I’m finishing this. Just thought you’d like a little behind the scenes…