Ishbia delivers! Kevin Durant to Suns

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

Do you like the deal? 

I’m talking about Robert Sarver for Mat Isbbia. The new owner was in the corner office for about twelve hours before dropping the biggest, boldest move in Suns history. This is bigger than Charles Barkley coming to the Valley.  The Cardinals coaching search can continue until our first 100-degree day,  nothing will top Kevin Durant in a Suns uniform. 

What’s next, changing the name on the building?



There will be some who will not like this deal and I do understand, Mikel Bridges and Cam Johnson were both very good players. I think Bridges may move into an even  higher atmosphere. The deal will go down similar to when the Suns gave up a popular player like Jeff Hornacek in order to get Charles Barkley. To this day, I’ve had fans tell me that they never forgave Jerry Colangelo for making that move. 

If a championship parade comes from this Durant deal, the draft picks and players sent to Brooklyn will be forgotten in a second. Nothing short of title is now acceptable…