On The Rocks – Butcher Jones Trail

Hey everyone! Welcome to On The Rocks, I’m your trail guide, Claudia Collins. I’m taking you along for my adventures as I check hikes, waterfalls, and other outdoor activities off of my Arizona bucket list. Today, I’m taking you to my favorite place in all of Arizona!

I have done this hike somewhere around a dozen in the last four years and it’s my go-to hike to bring friends and family along. There really is nothing like Butcher Jones Trail in all of Arizona. The jagged cliffs emerging from the lake are even more enormous and spectacular than you see in photos or videos. 

If you haven’t hiked Butcher Jones Trail yet, clear a few hours on your schedule this week and strap on the hiking boots. You won’t regret this 2-3 hour hike or even some time on the beach.