Zone Read: D.J. Foster’s Football Audible

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D.J. Foster’s love for football has been seen in the state of Arizona for many years. 

A nearly unstoppable offensive star at Saguaro, followed by a standout career at Arizona State, then a five-year NFL career which included a Super Bowl Championship with the New England Patriots has now taken him from the sidelines to well…the sidelines. 

This summer Foster accepted a position with YurView TV as one of their high school football sideline reporters, along with former University of Arizona star linebacker, Scooby Wright.’s Brad Cesmat recently caught up with Foster to discuss trading in a football for a microphone.

Here are some highlights of their conversation.

When you decided you were done with football…are you done with football, or was there a little door [open]? Or were you punched out? “So, I got lucky to see a lot of guys in front of me. I’m not done…I’m actually in the best shape of my life, to be honest. I wanted to be ready if I got that phone call but also understand where I’m at, when it comes to, the connection to the NFL. It is tough, especially at the running back position. I’m in Year Seven, but I never wanted to be one of those guys that were on that bubble who would just sit and train for five years. Every year is so important. I’m 29. The rest of the world is moving very fast. I always wanted something to be lined up when I do say, ‘Im done’ [with football]. That’s the transition I’m at right now.”

How do you like the tv world so far, and what have you learned? “I like it a lot. It’s still a similar feeling of being a part of a team when you’re with a broadcasting crew. Obviously, I’m with Scooby…it’s a wonderful team over at YurView. I was presented this opportunity and it was always something I wanted to test out and see, being on the other side of the microphone. I absolutely love it. The preparation of it, being able to freestyle on the spot. You can see why a lot of former athletes transition into it. Being around the game of football is still so exciting. And seeing this new era of high school talent. It’s unbelievable. We were talking about that, Brad. Just how good these teams are. It’s amazing. It’s been a blast getting back in the high school atmosphere.”

Where do you want to go with broadcasting? Do you want to make it your main thing or do you want to have other [jobs] you’re working on? “I think doing the YurView games is what I was trying to figure out. Would I like it? I think it’s at a level where I can still appreciate the game, and I can learn and understand, but still have fun with it. I’m finding out that I do like it. We’ll see what branches out from it. I’ve had a lot of great role models, including you, Bruce Cooper. So many people during my years of playing sports in the Valley that I have made connections with and gave me great advice…we’ll see how it unfolds. I absolutely love it, though.”

What do you make of what’s going on at ASU? “I was at the Eastern Michigan game when they lost and Coach Edwards got fired. I could feel it. I felt it in the air. It was my first time back in awhile and something just seemed off. So, when that happened, I was like, ‘Ok, I felt that coming.’ Coach Aguano, I’ve had a chance to interview him, and talk to him. What he’s done has been absolutely incredible. To take over that program and to bring some life back. He’s been reaching out to alumni, former players. I’ve gotten calls and emails from former teammates that have said, ‘Hey, I haven’t felt this kind of love in years.’ So, that aspect of it, he’s doing a great job…we’ll see how it plays out when it comes to the head coaching position. I am excited for the future of ASU football, I really am. It’s an unbelievable coaching opportunity.”

When you and Scooby are on the sidelines, do you guys brawl because he’s a Wildcat and you’re a Sun Devil? “When it’s rivalry week, it’s going to be a fun work week with Scooby. That’s for sure. Obviously, we’re competitors. I have nothing but respect for him. The way he played the game. Obviously, I hate that school but the way he played that game as an individual, I have nothing but respect for. An amazing competitor. But we were also teammates with the Cardinals, as well. That’s when we became friends. Not a lot of people know that. They all just see the ASU-UofA connection and they’re like, ‘What are you doing?’ But he’s a great man, he’s a great human being. I’ve enjoyed my time working with him and I know he’s enjoyed it a lot. He wants to get into broadcasting. That’s why I reached out to him. He’s been wonderful.”