Rock bottom – Cardinals anemic offense on display in loss at Seattle

(AP Photo/Abbie Parr)

All is well as long as DeAndre Hopkins gets on the field this Thursday against New Orleans. The problem is the Arizona Cardinals offense is looking for a player who has been out more than active in the last year. Sunday, no Hopkins meant another poor showing by the highly compensated Kyler Murray in a snooze-fest 19-9 loss at Seattle. Just so we are clear, the Seahawks came into the game as one of the worst defenses in the NFL, allowing 7.8 yards per play. Yet, Murray was sacked six times, and the Cardinals struggled to break 300 yards in offense.

I’m sure having Hopkins on the field Thursday will suddenly change the narrative. At 2-4, our hometown underachievers are in a “must-win” situation in week number six against the Saints. Add to that the ongoing embarrassment of not winning a home game in nearly a full year will be hanging over the head of the last-place team in the NFC West. 

I guess ownership is hoping that Hopkins return to the field will suddenly lead to consistent play by the offensive line. The running game will magically produce healthy and productive backs. The kicker will suddenly be trusted. It’s as though we’re all supposed to believe that the Cardinals’ 2-4 start is nothing to be concerned about. We should just know that Hopkins returning to the field will cure everything. That the mega-contract signed by Murray, the extension to the head coach and general manager were warranted. 

Yep, we are supposed to trust the owner. He has it all figured out, we don’t…