Messiah Swinson Benefitting From OC’s Experience with Tony Gonzalez

ASU tight end Messiah Swinson is a student of the position. The Missouri transfer speaks consistently with his former teammate and current Denver Bronco tight end Albert Okwuegbunam. He’s a constant study of Jimmy Graham and Jeremy Shockey as he hopes to add tools to his repetoire in Tempe. 

But Swinson’s favorite tight end growing up was Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons legend Tony Gonzalez. The all-time NFL leader in receptions and receiving yards has plenty of habits that paved the way for his Hall of Fame career. 

Swinson now gets an inside look at some of those practices when he talks to ASU offensive coordinator Glenn Thomas, who worked extensively with Gonzalez when he was on the Falcons’ coaching staff from 2008-14.

Swinson sat down with Sports360AZ to discuss the one-on-one discussions he’s had with Thomas to learn from one of the NFL’s greatest tight ends.