From Candle-Making to Music, Michael Matus is a College Football Renaissance Man

It seemed like everyone picked up new hobbies during the pandemic. 

Sourdough starters were a staple in the kitchen. Pelotons were on back-order. Maybe you started a podcast (I swear I’m going to listen to it soon). 

It turns out ASU defensive lineman Michael Matus does not do well with downtime. So he challenged himself to try something new every month, a trend he has continued during each offseason. 

The list of new activities includes biking, golf, piano, knitting, creating house music and candle-making. 

Yes, candle-making.

Matus and his roommates are known to raid a Bath and Body Works from time to time when a sale rolls around. They like having candles around their place, presumably to combat the olfactory onslaught a football practice can provide in their living quarters.

He even has a favorite scent that he recommends to any and all: Santal 33. 

Seeing how the consistent candle purchases were adding up, the redshirt senior decided to try his hand at making his own. 

It’s helped him save a little bit of money, but it’s helped his mind focus on things outside of the gridiron when he’s away from Sun Devil Stadium.

As Matus adds hobbies outside of the game, he’s working to fine-tune his pass rush and be a man of many talents on the field as well.