World Record Holder Blake Leeper Continues Quest For Olympic Bid

Blake Leeper is one of the fastest people on the planet and is starting a new chapter.

After he was born with no legs, his parents challenged him to never settle for being average, and he took that advice to heart.

He has earned multiple Paralympic medals and set world recrods throughout his decorated career and is setting his sights on a new goal: Competing in the Olympics. 

We saw Oscar Pistorius do it in 2012, and Leeper believes he could be the next to do so in the Paris games in 2024. He qualified for the Tokyo games, but he was ruled ineligible after it was determined his running blades gave him an unfair advantage due to his height. 

He initally was running at about 6-foot-2, but is now running at just under 5-foot-9 to remove any doubt in the process. 

The Desert Challenge Games in Mesa will be one of the first time Leeper raced competiviely at his new height. 

Now matter the adversity faced, Blake Leeper has a work ethic instilled from his parents to take advantage of every opportunity, and he believes his road to Paris could start in Arizona at the Desert Challenge Games.