On The Rocks – Subway Cave

Hey everyone, welcome to On The Rocks! I’m your trail guide, Claudia Collins. Me and my pup Mia are taking you along on new adventures as I check outdoor activities off of my Arizona bucket list. Today we’re heading to Sedona to hike to the Subway Cave. 

The hike to the cave begins at the Boynton Canyon Trailhead. Hikers looking for the cave will follow the trail for approximately 2.5 miles until they spot the “alligator tree.” The alligator tree can be identified as one of the largest trees on the trail with bark that looks like alligator scales. At this point, hikers will follow the smaller trail to the right as opposed to continuing along the Boynton Canyon Trail. The trail to the cave is marked on All Trails but cannot be found as an individual hike on All Trails. 

In total, the hike is about 5.5 miles long and is rated moderate. Not all dogs will be able to make it up into the cave since it requires a steep and narrow climb. Know you (and your pups) limits and remember to Leave No Trace!