Layton Duncan Breaks Down NAU Offer, Recent Visits, And The Perks Of Being A Bronco

Brophy College Prep wide receiver Layton Duncan has had an eventful week. On Monday, Duncan received an offer from Montana state and on Tuesday the wide receiver added his first in-state offer from NAU.

“I think that NAU has made a lot of upgrades to their facilities in the past couple of years and that’s really important for the program,” Layton said. “NAU’s passion to recruit in-state players sticks out to me.”

Layton has noticed his recruiting process beginning to “heat up” and says it’s great having a coach with so many connections and a deep understanding of recruitment. 

“I think it’s great to have him as a mentor throughout this process because for some kids they don’t have the coaches that do that,” Layton said. “I think we kinda take it for granted over here at Brophy because it’s so easy to talk to coach Jewell about recruitment.”

As he continues to explore his options to compete at the next level, Duncan says he’s looking for a program with a “family feel” and a program that will give him the opportunity to step in and fulfill their needs for a wide receiver.