L.A. Williams Bringing Suns Playoff Basketball to Navajo Community

The Suns quest for its first championship is being shown far and wide. Games are broadcasted in different languages, and the key players and moments are being taken in by a worldwide audience. 

And in this playoff run, a Valley commentating legend is broadcasting directly to the Navajo community. Long-time broadcaster L.A. Williams is on the call for the Native Broadcast Enterprise. She broadcasted the Suns’ Finals run in 1993 in Navajo and is back in the booth for this playoff run.

She was a high school classmate of Milwaukee Bucks Mike Budenholzer and has seen firsthand what basketball means to the community and how this playoff run has captivated the region.

Williams caught up with Sports360AZ to compare the two Finals runs, describe the complexity of the broadcast and why it’s important to produce these broadcasts for the present and future of the Navajo community.