Cesmat – Taking in Business advice from Chris Paul after Game 2

(AP Photo/Matt York)

“The work….the work…it all goes back to the work”  – Chris Paul after Game Two vs Dallas

We can all take a page out of the Chris Paul playbook when it comes to taking care of business away from the spotlight so we are ready to deliver in crucial moments of our professional lives. It doesn’t matter what your occupation is. If you’re not doing the little things when no one is watching, you probably won’t be ready for the big stage that could be just around the corner. 

“Can’t cheat the game, right? You gotta do your strength and conditioning, you gotta lift, you gotta get your rest, you gotta get your shots up and all of that. When you do that you live with the results.”  – Chris Paul after Game Two vs Dallas 

Paul turns 37 on Friday. Age is just a number in what is supposed to be a young man’s game. His 28-point, six rebound, eight assist performance Wednesday night was once again a game for the ages. But it’s all about “the work…the work.” 

I dig watching greatness teach a masterclass. It’s even better when they pull back the curtain with the recipe for their greatness. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s in sports or business…