‘Broadway Meets Baseball’: Former D-Back Eric Byrnes Dishes on Savannah Bananas

The Savannah Bananas have taken the baseball world by storm. Whether it’s unique rules, players on stilts, mid-pitch dance parties or hitters taking the plate with a flaming bat, Banana Ball is the biggest party on a diamond. 

It’s high energy. It’s a bit chaotic. But it’s all in good fun.

Which is why it’s fitting their fearless leader is former Arizona Diamondback Eric Byrnes.

The Crash Test Dummy was tabbed as the Bananas’ manager for their seven-week sold-out tour throughout the South, and the club has already been approached by multiple MLB teams about bringing their show under the brightest baseball lights. 

Byrnes, who also hosts a daily podcast called “The Daily Hustle” and oversees his Let Them Play Foundation, goes in-depth on the secret sauce behind the Bananas’ on-field magic, becoming a part of this spectacle, and which rules Major League Baseball could take from Banana Ball to help improve their game.