Riffing on Booker injury

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker sits on the bench during the second half of Game 2 (AP Photo/Matt York)

IF Curry, Morant, Giannis, Embid, or Jokic were injured and not able to play in a playoff series, would they still find a way to win? Doubtful. Devin Booker is in the same class. 

Do you start Cam Johnson or Landry Shamet? Without Booker, either way, you’re taking a big step back. No offense to Johnson or Shamet, but this is DEVIN BOOKER! 

Please don’t waste my time(or yours) trying to use the regular season stats of when Booker didn’t play. Don’t tell me what the Suns did against New Orleans in the regular season because NONE OF THIS, matters. The Pels didn’t have CJ McCollom in the regular season. The regular season isn’t close in terms of the intensity and the sheer quality of postseason basketball. 


Of course, fans will simply say that losing Booker isn’t the end of the world. I wouldn’t expect anything else from some of the fanbase. There are others who are more realistic. I’m on that side of the court. This is a problem for the Suns. 

All of this sounds good, but what’s not being talked about here is can the Suns’ transition defense be much, much better than what we saw in game two? Easy to say “of course”. When you’re the top seed in the NBA Playoffs, you’ll always have to PROVE IT…